Party Halls Hall in Palani

Organizing an event is as much fun as it is huge. Whether it’s personal as a birthday celebration or a company event, organizing and planning are important as well as time-consuming aspects of a party. When organizing an event, you have to make several decisions, but choosing the right venue reduces that worry in half. Because everything from the date of the event, catering options, light and speaker lineups, and attendees’ experiences all depend on the party halls you select, Choosing the right venue can be overwhelming, so here are some factors to consider when selecting party halls in Palani.

Location of the Venue

While choosing the venue for a party keep an eye out for its location. The location should be convenient for the guests. If the event is somewhere remote it should be close to the city or the nearest stopping points and if the location is in the city, it should be near the bus stand and railway station so that the guests can arrive safely to your party. Some guests won’t be traveling to a location just to attend an event they might be looking for nearby places to roam around.


Ganpat Grand is situated in an area of good connectivity. It makes it convenient for the guests to travel. With one of their best party halls in Palani and its connection to Lord Murugan Temple – one of the major tourist attractions in the South – it is a suitable location to host an event.

The Capacity of the Venue

Planning for an event begins with a list of people involved. Whether it’s a wedding, farewell or a conference preparing a guest list is the first step. Once you are ready with your guestlist depending on the number of your guests you can start looking for the perfect party halls in Palani with the ability to accommodate them.

Layout and Floor Plan

Location, done. The guest list is done. Invitations were sent. Even after all this, you still need a rough idea of where they will sit and what they will do during the party. With the capacity of the venue, the number of guests, and a little shuffling here and there, you can draft the perfect layout for the party. And you can make note of all the activities you want to include, the ammonites you need, where the AV should be, and how you want the speakers to line up. Having a layout beforehand eases the planning process of the party and ensures people can mingle, dance, and walk around. The floor plan is also useful for organizing the buffet, musicians, dance floor, and any extra add-ons you want.

Parking and Security

Parking is the nightmare of every guest. So, when choosing a venue, either choose a venue with parking facilities or with a parking lot available nearby to use. Because if the party is in town the guests might be using their two-wheelers and four-wheelers to reach the event venue. If the chosen venue does not have a parking facility you can ask the hotels or venue to arrange some transportation. Ganpat Grant is one city’s most sought-after venues with impeccable party halls in Palani and extensive parking spaces.


Tip: Check beforehand if your venue has first aid kits, power backup, fire extinguishers, and working fire alarms in case of an emergency.

Staffs and Servers

The venue with its staff and servers is important to make sure everything goes well. You have to communicate your needs with the venue if you have a special request. Make sure to confirm that they can accommodate the guests with enough employees and security to meet the requirements of the event. In case you need more staff, ask them if they can hire extra people or make arrangements according to your needs. And also remember to fill in the chef with your take on the menu and options about serving of buffet.

Services and Amenities

While planning an event have of list of services and amenities they provide and compare it with the list of those you need. Your party may have guests of all ages or confined to a group. In case it’s a wedding check whether they have access to musical instruments and lights. If the event is taking place for the whole day check for the restroom facilities. If the guests are going elderly people and children the venue should preferably be placed on the ground floor or have elevators. Also, keep in mind the accessibility of your abled guest as they need a wheelchair ramp outside and a special seating accommodation. Even if the party halls in Palani don’t have these services and amenities, they’ll make arrangements at your request

Life is an event. Make it memorable with the party halls in Palani. Ganpat Grand with its center of attraction location, parking spaces, attractive interiors, flexible seating/dining plans, banquet halls, and package services is one of the best hotels near Palani temple to organize your event.

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